Sensual Massage Can Help You Manage Stress


Gail Metcalf

Massage can be a great way to relax, unwind, and let the stresses of a busy day fade into the background. The comforting, hands-on feeling of a sensual massage combats stress and tension on both the physical level, and the emotional one. All forms of massage technique are designed to eradicate muscle tension through physical pressure, so when you agree to a massage you can say goodbye to stiff, tight muscles. Surrendering to the touch of a skilled pair of hands creates an atmosphere of comfort and safety that banishes feelings of distress and worry. After even ten or fifteen minutes of massage, stress will melt away.

Most people carry a lot of tension in their back, neck, and shoulder areas. Targeting these problem areas can help turn a sensual massage into a full-blown healing session that will help you unwind completely. Achieving total relaxation, even for just a few minutes, can help you cope with the feelings of being overwhelmed that often come hand in hand with a stressful lifestyle. If you feel worn out due to the fact that you have a difficult job or are in a challenging school, or simply because you never get to escape your regular routine, taking an evening to trade sensual massages with a partner can help you feel vibrant and resilient.


Sensual massage offers immediate relief from stress, and is also an important part of a long term plan to manage your body s tension producing stress response system. Stress experts agree that the best way to deal with tension in your daily life is by developing the ability to consciously manage your body s response to stressful situations. Sensual massage can help you learn to be more aware of your body, and of how outside stimulation affects your system. This can translate to being more in control of your body s response to stress.

When you encounter stress, your body floods itself with hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These chemicals are a part of what is known as the fight or flight response, which prepares your body for a sudden exertion of energy that can help you battle a predator, or get out of a dangerous situation. However, in the modern world, the adrenaline flood and the racing heart beat that come with it are not useful or physically necessary. Over time, you can learn to overcome your body s stress mechanisms and respond to tense situations by consciously relaxing your muscles.

Massage helps you listen to your body, and become more in touch with how your muscles function. A regular sensual massage schedule can be an invaluable tool as you train yourself to overcome the hormonal response to stress. Sensual massage can promote relaxation in future stressful situations, which spells long lasting relief from tension and worry. If you are looking for instant tension relief and a way to maintain a low-stress lifestyle, learn how to give and receive sensual massage.

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