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Alicia S. Campbell

Do you know that an astonishing 40% of the people suffer some degree of sciatica in their lifetime?

Sciatica is a kind of a back pain which occurs due to the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Sufferers usually find it difficult to distinguish sciatic pain from other back pain. The degree of pain might vary greatly resulting in different kinds of symptoms. They can be such as:

A constant severe pain in the buttock

Cramping of the calf muscles


A tightening sensation in the hamstring

A sudden back pain in case of jerky movements etc.

Sciatica symptoms can be quite variable. Not all the sufferers would experience back pain. In certain cases, the only symptom would be leg pain. Sciatica sufferers should avoid sitting or standing for long periods. Pressure on the discs increases during prolonged bending and sitting postures. This results in formation of a Herniated disc. Herniated (slipped) disc is the major cause of sciatica from the lower back. Steroid injections and even surgery may be required in severe cases of sciatica due to Herniated discs. ESIs (Caudal Epidural Steroid Injections) can be very effective in relieving sciatica symptoms. Temporary side-effects such as nausea, bowel movements etc. may occur.

It is best to get a diagnosis from a certified professional before pursuing such treatments. A wrong kind of diagnosis would slow down the healing process. The health and quality of life would get seriously affected in such cases. A correct diagnosis enables the doctor to customize a treatment plan as per your needs.

Acupuncture: The functional energy of your body can be balanced by the different acupuncture points. These points play an important role in improving our vitality and really triggering the sciatic nerve within our back. Acupuncture is usually recommended for treating minor cases of sciatica and other back injuries. Numbness, pain and inflammation get greatly reduced. Acupuncture has been medically approved to rectify imbalances within our functional energy and our blood. You can seek the help of an acupuncturist for the treatment of sciatica.

Manual Therapy: The manipulation of the spinal cord through manual therapy relieves the compression of the sciatic nerve root. Such a compression is caused due to the build up of Nitrogen gas. This leads to disc degeneration and slipped discs.

Improvement of posture plays a significant role to towards relieving of sciatic symptoms. You can use back braces to improve your posture. You should also avoid driving for long periods. There are specific exercises which play a key role in strengthening your spine supporting muscles. You should take regular breaks while practicing stabilizing exercises.

The guidance of a chartered physiotherapist would prove to be quite effective to master the correct technique of doing these exercises. Such exercises can be done by people of all ages.

A serious intervention is required when a sufferer experiences a severe degree of pain. Sciatica sufferers might consider minimally invasive surgical techniques such as spinal decompression in severe cases of pain. Surgical options such as disc replacement can be considered only when all other treatments have failed to resolve sciatica.

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