By Samuel Peterson

The world we live in is still a mystery to us because there are many things that are still unknown to us. There are many questions to which science does not have any answer as of yet, but probably with our constant research and studies we will be able to find some unique answers to the most challenging questions. Health is one of the most important sectors that always remain under the scanner. Scientists and health specialists are always on the mission to come out with new methods and ways in which we can make human health better and cure diseases that have no medication so far.

We all know that antibiotics are important for us, but what if those antibiotics come from an insect that is probably the most hated insect in the world. Yes, we are talking about making antibiotics from cockroaches which probably the latest research done by the University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine. As per the research done by the students of this university it has been found that insects have some kind of chemicals in their brains that help them to react to certain situations. However, the same chemicals can be also put to use as antibiotics because they are capable to killing the harmful bacteria inside our body.

It is indeed one of the most unique researches in the recent times because people would never think of making use of cockroaches in such a way. Throughout centuries, cockroaches have always been a symbol of dirt and filth because it is found in such places, but now researchers are looking at them from a different perspective. These cockroaches are now becoming valuable because they can help us in battling the bacteria and viruses that can be life threatening and which cannot be destroyed be regular antibiotics.


In one of the leading health magazine it has been mentioned that people these days are getting used to the regular antibiotics and therefore these antibiotics are now not as effective as they used to be when they were discovered. Hence, medical experts now have to look out for new antibiotics that can kill harmful bacteria and viruses which cannot be killed by conventional antibiotics. As per the research done on cockroaches and antibiotics derived from them it has been found that they were able to kill 90% of the MRSA and other deadly bacteria that were untouched by the regular antibiotics.

The idea behind extracting antibiotics from such insects is that these insects live in filthy areas where some of the deadly bacteria and viruses thrive. Hence, to keep them alive these insects have some chemicals that can keep them away from such bacteria. These chemicals inside them act like a fighting force that keeps the bacteria at a distance and keep the insect healthy. However, these antibiotics do have some human side effects which are what the researchers are now working on. If they are able to remove all the side effects we can be sure that in future all our antibiotics would be from cockroaches and other insects we hate.

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